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My cinema page
My cinema page My cinema page My cinema page My cinema page My cinema page
My cinema page
Fraudulent labeling
  The mystery of the curtain
Did you ever get "art" instead of cinema?
Reasons why there is no dogmatic creativity ... more
Have you ever been upset about the curtain closing before the end of the movie? ... opinions
Etikettenschwindel: Dogme95   curatin closinig before end of movie
10 unforgettable movies
"10 unforgettable movies" sounds a bit odd but "the best" wouldn't have been true. I like each of the movies listed below. But the point is: These 10 movies moved, impressed and influenced me ... (listed in chronological order)
Love Story - love means never having to say you're sorry
movie review 'under construction'
Koyaanisqatsi - a life out of balance
Titanic - Collide with destiny
movie review 'under construction'
Run, Lola, run - Every second of every day you're faced with a decision that can change your life
Amadeus - The Man - The Music - The Madness
Erin Brockovich - based on a true story
movie review 'under construction'
movie review 'under construction'
10 forgettable movies
These movies didn’t thrill me at all:
I. Q.
The Mummy
The Relict
Random Hearts
Le Garcu
Lovers (Dogme95)
Breaking the waves (Dogme95)
Fuck me!
Italian for Beginners (Dogme95)
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